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from the Greek word

eunoia [εὔνοιᾰ:]

benevolence, beautiful thinking,

the desire to do something good for another person

and for their sake


Togehter, we map the path to successfull product launch and patient use

You are a start-up or an innovative healthcare company? You want to bring your product to the German healthcare market? We can offer you an all-round carefree solution. From idea to statutory reimbursement, eunoia ensures the marketability, compliance with regulatory procedures, and effective execution of the necessary studies for evaluation of every digital medical application.

We combine technical expertise with creativity and empathy. By doing so, we create trust in and visibility for your company, and forge lasting relationships between it and your target group. Let’s work together to develop measurably effective solutions and engage your target group.

We are pleased to meet you.

What we do

We’ll advise you and accompany you on the road to your target group – treating them empathically and as equals

Workshop-Situation bei Eunoia

You’re looking for an agency that understands what you need and what drives your target group? Not just expertise, but also creativity? You want communications that fit who you are today but also give you the chance to grow?


We’re a communications agency that loves to help its clients move forward, while also enriching people’s lives. With more than 20 years of combined experience in the field, we’re convinced that empathy and trust are what yield the greatest successes.


Accordingly, we always talk with your target group and not about them. We take them seriously, treat them as equals, and make them into your allies. We help them to overcome any reservations they might have and transform them into passion. We’re familiar with the challenges of the health sector and know how vital it is to combine your products and topics with creative and technically excellent communications. We love to destigmatize taboo topics, empower people with the requisite sensitivity, and make their day-to-day lives more carefree.


You have a product, service or issue that you believe in wholeheartedly? Then let’s work together to create bold and benevolent projects.


Konzepterstellung und Strategieentwicklung

Conceptual work and strategy development for market access and product launch

Together we find a way that fits your company, helps it move forward, and reaches and motivates your target group.

Kampagnenplanung und -umsetzung

Campaign Planning and Implementation

Whether a product campaign or awareness campaign: We help you from the outset, and in whatever way you need. We find the most suitable topics, content and channels.

Content Creation und Content Marketing

Specialized Communications

We prepare your topics for medical experts with content that is both precise and engaging, whether as text, audio, infographic or video.

Social Media


Use your social media presence to spread your messages and highlight your company as credible and meaningful. We’re happy to help you!

Influencer Relations

Influencer / Content Creator Relations

We’re familiar with the unique challenges of influencer relations in the health sector. We have successfully implemented numerous projects, including and especially on sensitive issues.

Workshops, Vorträge und Schulungen

Workshops, Presentations and Training

Communications are constantly evolving, and we’ll keep you up to speed. We develop, plan and implement events together with you.

Beratung zu Diversity und inklusiver Sprache

Consulting on Diversity and Inclusive Language

We help your company develop an awareness for the power of language and refine how your corporate values are conveyed.

Strategieentwicklung bei Eunoia


We’ll find the right words for issues that warrant more discussion

The health sector is home to various stigmatic topics. But today, young people in particular are speaking more and more openly about issues that would have only been whispered about just a few years ago. This is due in no small part to social media, which offers people visibility, a soapbox, a megaphone, creates a sense of community, and shows them that they’re not the only one with their problem.


Accordingly, people now expect companies to communicate with them openly, authentically and honestly, and to treat them as equals. For example, blood is now red in advertisements and no longer blue – which was unheard of until just a few years ago. Your target group can see exactly how you position your product and what you do to drive societal change. Even though some subjects are uncomfortable, many medical products are seen as “unsexy,” and sexual health products are considered “dirty,” they’re nonetheless relevant, as they can help make people’s day-to-day lives more carefree or even enrich them. At the same time, open communications can give your business a substantial boost.


We’re happy to support you with topics that are challenging, poorly understood, unpleasant, or (for many people) embarrassing. People want their needs – which perhaps aren’t so uncommon after all – to be accepted and considered normal. Let’s get loud together, empower your target group, and turn them into your most loyal clients, because they see that you have the courage to destigmatize taboo topics.


Sarah Decker und Jenny Otto von Eunoia

Our stance

We want to combat stigmas and prejudices. By conveying information and awareness, we promote optimism and provide solutions.

Our goal is to do our part through honest and meaningful communications. We give people a voice and ensure that it’s heard. We encourage people with illnesses to speak about what really matters most to them. Eunoia stands for benevolent communications, for help and support.


We’re especially interested in topics that contribute to positive societal changes – whether through more open dialogues on stigmatized issues, or by using digital solutions, which requires skepticism and fears to be overcome. We see great opportunities in the current development of the health market and want to spur it on. Everything is becoming more digital, networked and public. Consequently, the ability to listen and empathize is extremely important to us. We see individuals, not target groups. Empathy and closeness are at the heart of everything we do. Only then can we recognize issues, overcome fears, and generate trust between companies and their target groups.


Because we see individuals, diversity and inclusion in communications are especially important to us. When we shape public communications, we bear a certain responsibility. Accordingly, our priority is to reach and include everyone through a combination of language, imagery and accessibility. We want to help put an end to the marginalization of groups that are socially disadvantaged.

from the Greek word

eunoia [εὔνοιᾰ:]

benevolence, beautiful thinking, the desire to do something good for another person and for their sake

the founders

We are Sarah Decker and Jenny Otto, the founders of the agency EUNOIA.

We’ve been working together for years, both as consultants for agencies and as managers, working directly with clients. Throughout those years, our focus has always been on the health sector, making us no strangers to the peculiarities of the field.


Through our own agency, we want to spur on societal change, as there are still too many taboo topics in the health sector and too many people who deserve better care. One topic that’s near and dear to our hearts: gender-sensitive medical care that treats all patients equally. We share a passion for empathic communications, and for issues and products that empower people and make their day-to-day lives more carefree.


At the same time, we want to make the world of agencies a more colorful and beautiful place – which is why, in all aspects of our work, we are clearly committed to diversity and inclusion.


The name of our agency, EUNOIA, comes from a Greek word that roughly translates to “benevolence, beautiful thinking, the desire to do something good for another person and for their sake.” And those are precisely the goals that we pursue.


Jenny Otto von Eunoia

Jenny Otto

Jenny Otto studied Online Journalism and PR, worked as a clinical research associate, and has worked in health communications with clients and agencies alike since 2013 – making her ideally suited to running a communications agency for healthcare and wellbeing.

Sarah Decker

Sarah Decker studied Intercultural European and American Studies and Intercultural Human Resources Development and Communication Management – and has often had to answer the question “And what do you do with the degree?”. Her answer: found an agency with the best colleague in the world, of course! Sarah has worked in health communications since 2014.

Sarah Decker von Eunoia


We look forward to your message or your call!

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